About Student Affairs at 成人直播

The Division of Student Affairs is a team of professionals that supports 成人直播鈥檚 diverse community of learners. We take a student-centered approach to promote whole-person well-being, an inclusive and equitable community environment, professional preparedness, and lifelong learning.

The Whole, Well Student

At 成人直播, we value the whole student, including mental, emotional, physical, and academic wellness. The role of the Division of Student Affairs is to provide opportunities, resources, and effective strategies to support your health, happiness, and success as a member of 成人直播鈥檚 learning community. As a fully equipped Nor鈥檈aster student, you will be able to thrive on campus, in and out of the classroom.

Our Mission

Working collaboratively, the Division of Student Affairs supports and prepares our diverse and integrated community of learners to lead purposeful lives. Dedicated to meaningful engagement with students, we utilize an individualized approach that serves to develop students鈥 habits and skills for personal and professional success. Whether you have an idea for a new club, need advice on housing, or you鈥檙e struggling with a personal issue and need some support, the doors to our office are always wide open.

Our Impact

The depth and breadth of programs and services offered by the units that make up our division is growing constantly. Below are just some of the contributions our departments made to the student experience in 2022.

Students Affairs impact in 2022: 27 new student clubs and organizations introduced; 2,694 proctored testing hours provided; 72,743 unique student visits to 成人直播 recreation facilities; 18 lifeguards certified; 328 students certified in CPR; 860 student tickets sold to the spring concert; 150 after-hours calls answered by on-call counseling services; and 2,895 counseling sessions provided to 539 students

Our Offices


Meet our team


Biddeford Campus

Student Affairs
Decary Hall 129
(207) 602-2372

Portland Campus

Graduate and Professional Student Affairs
Proctor Hall 2
(207) 221-4212